I am Dr MacInnes. I’ve been working within the NHS for 21 years. I read a Health Psychology doctorate at Oxford University, and also completed my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London. I have since been practicing as a Hospital-based Clinical Psychologist having worked both with children and with adults, within and outside of hospital. I have worked extensively with both adults and children. Aside from low mood, anxiety, phobias, panic, body dysmorphia and have also specialised in with working those experiencing physical health problems. These include infertility, cancer, sickle cell, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, asthma, diabetes to name but a few. I worked as Clinical Psychologist with children and their families both at Royal Marsden Hospital for nearly two years, Clinical Psychologist in Paediatrics at St Georges for nine years, I the Lead Clinical Psychology service for people with Chronic Pain at The Whittington Hospital North London for four years, and since 2014 I have been and am currently the Lead Clinical Psychologist for Surgical Pathways in Barts Health NHS Trust. I am both BPS and HCPC registered.

It may seem rather confusing understanding what help you need, particularly when it may seem there are many different kinds of help available. In order to become a Clinical Psychologist, one has to undertake extensive training and work to an evidence-base. Clinical psychology uses science, theory and clinical knowledge in order to understand, prevent and relieve psychological distress and to promote well-being and personal development. Clinical Psychologists are very familiar with the cognitive and neuropsychological science behind factors that impact mental health.