What can I help with?

Clinical Psychologists don’t prescribe drugs. However by talking through issues, it is possible to find a new understanding of that aspects of life that are causing distress and creatively explore approaches to coping. Cognitive Behavioural therapy and interpersonal therapy entail recognising the cause and development of problems, how problems are maintained, and increasing awareness of how these are linked. Acceptance and Commitment therapy (this is working towards how we acknowledge the problems as they arise and a commitment towards living out our life values) offers an approach that can enable us to tap resources and explore the opportunity for change in our lives. Affect Relational Therapy is an approach that recognises how our relationships in the past so frequently dictate how we respond to situations and people currently. All these therapies facilitate growth, understanding and development of new approaches to more effectively managing the difficulties that are preventing us from experiencing wellbeing. Both CBT and IPT are evidence-based, effective treatments for many different psychological problems. CBT particularly in conjunction with mindfulness(see the National Institute of Clinical Excellence for guidelines on these). There is a growing evidence base for both Acceptance and Commitment therapy, and the use of Mindfulness within an Affect Relations Threapy.

I help adults with difficulties such as: